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Huai An Suma Motor Technology Co., Ltd. is a dedicated and special motor development, production, sales of high-tech enterprises, the company is committed to industrial compressor special motor, ultra-efficient rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motors, high efficiency, ultra-efficient three-phase asynchronous motors, and other class special motor development and promotion. Products of international standards, with high efficiency, small vibration, low noise, high reliability, appearance and other characteristics. The company produces all kinds of motors are widely used in metallurgy, machinery, chemicals, petroleum, textiles, refrigeration, food, food, machine tools, compressors, gear, fan, water pump and other industries and fields, by domestic and foreign customers, products sold throughout the country

 Huai An Suma Motor Technology Co., Ltd development and management, sales team from the domestic large motor manufacturers, team members have over 10 years of motor development and management experience. Companies based "high-tech, high value-added, special dedicated, energy efficient" product development direction, promoting technological innovation, take the "doing fine, and stronger, so" road of development of enterprises in the industrial compressor market segments , relying on superior technology and development capabilities, marketing capabilities, product manufacturing level quickly into the leading ranks. The company developed the YZ series of small power base Capacity compressor motor, YYS series dual power compressor motor and YK series of open type (IP23) compressor motors possess high reliability and superior market competitiveness, by users. YE2 and YE3 series of highly efficient and ultra-efficient motors has achieved national energy efficiency labeling certification, already well-known bulk supply compressor machine manufacturers and foreign markets.

 Huai An Suma Motor Technology Co., Ltd has passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification, CE European safety certification, the company has a sound service system, a number of large domestic enterprises and qualified suppliers, products exported to Europe and Africa. In the fierce market competition, the company will abide by the honesty, customer first, quality first business philosophy, in both services and products to our customers to bring value to lean management to achieve operational excellence. The company has always been committed to quality management of innovation, development and improvement, ongoing product innovation. Suma motor will meet all sorts of challenges, enhanced strength and beyond, with quality products and good service go hand in hand with business partners to create a better future!